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How Morgan Koda Came To Be:
My daughter loved bedtimes stories—but not the typical ones like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty. She wanted one of her own, one that we made up. So the character Morgan Koda started more than twenty five years ago as a bedtime story.
My daughter learned that only in a book could she go to different worlds where she could be the heroine.
She is now in her thirties and is a devoted reader to her own young readers.
In 2006, I met the man of my dreams, and with him came with a six year old son. And Morgan Koda came alive again as she had before in a bed time story.
But this child was different. He wanted his new step-mother to add something new to the story every night. So Morgan Koda grew as my new son did.
When he reached seven, he told me that he didn’t need to learn to read—because reading wasn’t fun nor was it important. So I started writing down Morgan’s story—the one story he enjoyed over any other. I, however, was a little resourceful, at night when my step-son wanted his bedtime story; I would read up to a really good part, then I handed him the pages to read. Though tears, fits, and just plan angry outbursts—he learned to read.
In June of 2010, I was arranging my files, and to my great surprise, I found I had over a hundred pages of Morgan’s story. And just four months later, The Morgan Koda Adventures Series was born.

Morgan Koda Adventures Series

Other Books

Juls Duncan is the author of Wild Horse Canyon and the urban fantasy series, Morgan Koda Adventures. 

Her books include: 

Wild Horse Canyon,
Release date 2016 by
Big Sky Press, 2015

The Mask of Noesis, A Morgan Koda Adventure, Book One, published by Big Sky Press, 2015. 
The Forest of Carren, A Morgan Koda Adventure, Book Two, published by Mythic Dragon Publishing 2012.
The Other Island, A Morgan Koda Adventure, Book Three, published by Mythic Dragon Publishing 2012.
The Plight of Indy, A Morgan Koda Adventure, Book Four, published by Mythic Dragon Publishing.
The Hunt for Ronen, A Morgan Koda Adventure, Book Five. Look for it 2015.

Juls Duncan lives in Montana with her family and a yellow lab - Sonny Jr.
She has always felt the need to tell a story, whether, it was a bedtime story, as Morgan Koda was in the beginning, or a short story given as a Christmas present for family and friends.

​Her education includes a B.S. from Oregon State University. A Masters Degree from U of M in Anthropology. A PhD in Physical Anthropology from the University of Montana is forthcoming.